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*Any ad revenue generated from this video will be sent to Warner Music (the license holder). このビデオの収益は全て著作権所持者Warner Musicに送られます。

**Unfortunately, Final Cut Pro is still glitching when I upload the video to YouTube. The subtitles keep falling out or don’t change on time. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. 相変わらずFinal Cut ProからYouTubeへの取り込みの段階で文字が消えてしまう現象が続いており、一部字幕が間違っています。何度取り込んでも同じところが抜け落ちるのですみませんがこの状態でご覧いただけますと幸いです。

English sing-along lyrics to one of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s earlier singles – “Fashion Monster”. I am still crazy about this song even after all these years!!
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For those of you who are wondering what the man with the sword is chopping…
1) コンサバ:”Consaba” is short for “conservative”. This word refers specifically to conservative fashion. In Japan, many girls tend to wear “consaba” clothing because they are scared of standing out in the crowd.
2)チャラ男:”Charao” refers to men who are players and not well grounded.
3)野菜:”Yasai” means vegetables. Kyary has recently changed, but for a few years after her debut, she continued to say that she can’t eat green vegetables. She said the only vegetable she prefers to eat is the bean sprouts on top of Ramen.
4) 徹夜:”Tetsuya” means staying up all night to get something done. Usually, this refers to work or study, not clubbing and having fun all night. Japanese stars don’t get to sleep much so maybe that’s what she’s referring to.
5) Censored: I think the point of this one is that the word IS censored. I have no idea if there is a word written in the first place. It just shows that Kyary is not afraid of saying things even if they may be censored.

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