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Hi guys!! I’ve created an original movie for the 14th Gatsby Creative Awards (2019-2020), hosted by mandom corporation. Gatsby is a top-selling men’s beauty brand across Asia and this competition is being held across 11 countries (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia). If you are living in any one of these countries, and are a student, you can enter this competition!
Details in English: https://award.gatsby.jp/sg/
Although Gatsby is a men’s beauty brand, I’ve known very well how loved it is across the Japanese market, and the “Moving Rubber” hair wax has always caught my attention in drug stores because of it’s amazing package design! I hope you enjoy this movie, and please do let me know what you think of it!

*Edit: Find the “G” refers to finding the pink Moving Rubber. If you’re unfamiliar with Moving Rubber, you can see details here.
Gatsby’s Moving Rubber (https://www.gatsbyglobal.com/en/technique/aboutmovingrubber/)

The painting that appears within the movie was drawn by myself with gansai, and opaque watercolor.

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Please give me a thumbs up if you liked the movie!! Comments and shares will also be much appreciated!!

みなさんこんにちは!今回は、第14回Gatsby Creative Awards (2019-2020)へのエントリーとして、6秒の動画をアップします。日本人なら誰もが知っているmandom corp.のGatsbyブランドはアジアでも広く愛されています。CMもパッケージデザインもいつもカッコよくて、女性の私でもムービングラバー(ヘアワックス)をドラッグストアで何度も手に取ったことがあります!第14回Gatsby Creative Awardsは11か国(日本、韓国、中国、台湾、香港、インド、タイ、カンボジア、マレーシア、シンガポール、インドネシア)で展開されていて、学生なら誰でも応募できます。

*追記:Gを探せ!の「G」はピンク色のMoving Rubberを指しています。
Moving Rubber詳細:https://www.gatsby.jp/product/hairstyling/moving-rubber/



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