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[Title: Troublesome Days / 面倒な日々]

This is an entry for the 14th Gatsby Creative Awards (Art Category)🎨

The theme was “Time of Youth”. I came up with 60 ideas in 48 hours but none of them seemed to work well and I was about to give up! Although I usually refer to myself as being forever young (humbly), I’m turning 35 this year and life has trained me to “think before I feel”.
I thought I’d give my ideas a rest and started to randomly doodle on a blank sheet of craft paper while listening to music I love👍 Before I knew it, the doodle turned into this piece of work!
Your days of youth can be troublesome. Everyday you’re showered with questions that you’re not equipped to answer☔️ Gatsby is here to help🤙🌈🏄‍♂️

*I’ve rearranged this artwork into a 6 second commercial (original movie) and have entered this to the contest as well📽Please see my YouTube channel or Homepage☺️



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