[TRiCERA Gallery]

My works are selling on https://www.tricera.net/ja/artist/8101250

Shipping internationally! The gallery is full of fun, emerging artists!


[Recent Competitions]

WAKE “You Are Our Hero” Exhibition (2020)
Selected work

14th Gatsby Creative Awards (2019)
2nd place in Japan & S.Korea Area (1st place for Web Vote)
3rd in Japan & S.Korea Area (2nd place for Web Vote)

[Recent Exhibitions]

Sep 28, 2020:
Group Exhibition “Uncontrollable” by WAKE @ Commune Omotesando

Sep 27, 2020:
First Solo Exhibition @ Meguro “rusu”
「Colorful Chaos I: 華と妖怪」(Hana to Youkai)

Mar 2016:
Group Exhibition by Boutons d’art @ Cafe Frangipani Roppongi


Please see my Instagram account for more works.

*Artworks are open price / 作品のお値段はオープンプライスです

[Works from 2017-2019]


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*利益の10%はPLAN INTERNATIONALによるBecause I am a Girlキャンペーンに寄付します / 10% of profits will be donated to fight for girls' rights

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