*Japanese follows English(日本語訳は英語の後に続きます)

miko creates crazy blasts of color (“colorful chaos”) with non-toxic mixed mediums such as gouache, watercolor, craypas, and beeswax.  

She graduated from Keio University SFC in 2006 with a BA in Architecture and Design.  After working at major IT / Publishing companies such as Recruit, Gree, ISI-Dentsu, and Google, she enrolled in Kyoto University of Art.

miko is passionate about incorporating new technologies to create her artwork and therefore experiments with photography and videography as well.  She holds weekly live sessions on YouTube to introduce Japanese culture (her listeners are from more than 70 different countries).  

She hopes to become a Neo-Japonism evangelist across multiple arts. miko hopes to remind people of the importance of self-care through her fashion brand “LOVE myself.”  miko speaks both English and Japanese fluently.  She has lived in the US for 18 years, Japan for 15+ years, and Singapore for 2.5years.  10% of the profits made from miko’s artworks will be donated to PLAN INTERNATIONAL* to fight for girls’ rights.



ファッションブランド「LOVE myself.」を通じてセルフケアの大切さを若い世代に伝え、利益をPLAN INTERNATIONAL*(”Because I am a Girl”や#GirlsGetEqualなど、世界中の女の子の地位や権利を引き上げる活動をしている慈善団体)に寄付したいと考えている。アメリカに18年、シンガポールに2.5年間居住していた経験から、英語と異文化コミュニケーションを得意とする。

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*It was due to a big flight delay that I got to see this beautiful sunrise.
Good things happen when you wait.

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*PLAN INTERNATIONALの”Because I am a Girl”は一部の国で寄付の受付が終了していますが、日本では寄付の受付を継続しています

JP: https://www.plan-international.jp/girl/about/

*About PLAN INTERNATIONAL’s “Because I am a Girl” and #GirlsGetEqual campaign



**Donations for “Because I am a Girl” has ended in some countries, but is still running in Japan