Competition Results! / コンペの結果発表!

[Thank you for your warm support!]
Today, the 2nd judgment results for the Gatsby Creative Awards were announced…


I need everyone’s help!! Please give me 2min! / 皆さんのご協力が必要です!2分ください!

I’ve been down lately, but finally, I have some good news to share!! 2 of my 7 entries to the Gatsby Creative Awards have passed the 1st judgment round!!![…]

[Gatsby Girls’ Recipe] 14th Gatsby Creative Awards 30-sec TVCM entry / [女性に提案するGatsbyのレシピ] 30秒 TVCM

Hi guys! This is my 5th entry for the Gatsby Creative Awards (2019-2020).[…]

[What is “Ikemen”?] 14th Gatsby Creative Awards 30sec TVCM (original movie) Entry / [イケメン?] 30秒CM

As an aspiring artist, I don’t have much money to spare.  So I used my brain (in the best way I could).  画学生は常に金欠なので、知恵を絞りました[…]

[Title: Troublesome Days / 面倒な日々] Entry for 14th Gatsby Creative Awards (Art Category)

This is an entry for the 14th Gatsby Creative Awards (Art Category)[…]

[Find the G!!] 14th Gatsby Creative Awards 2019 Entry – 6 sec Original Movie / [Gを探せ!] 6秒オリジナルムービー

Hi guys!! I’ve created an original movie for the 14th Gatsby Creative Awards[…]

Portrait Photography Vlog for Artistic Inspirations in Ueno, Tokyo Japan / 東京上野でアートな人物撮影の自主練vlog

My friend Tomomi and I are both big fans of photography and filming. I study photography and filming to get inspirations for my artwork[…]