Live #7 Let’s discuss #Daoko #Radwimps! (Part1)/ #Jpop の魅力を #英語 で伝えたい!

This is a live streaming session where I curate topics about Radwimps and Daoko.

My first #GarageBand Song & Story – “Journey to the Orient” / 音感皆無だけど初めて音楽をミックスしてみた

Hi guys! I was thinking of ways to do a virtual art exhibition and I realized that visual art on its own is not entertaining enough… Thus, I’ve started mixing sounds on #GarageBand to make my own soundtracks. […]

Live #6 Let’s discuss #SheenaRingo / #WednesdayCampanella (Part2) / #Jpop の魅力を英語で伝えたい!

We will be discussing Shiina Ringo’s earlier songs and her collaboration with Utada Hikaru, as well as Wednesday Campanella’s Ikku-san.

LIVE Painting Realtime / Watercolor, pastels, beeswax, wax art / ライブペインティング 水彩 クレパス 蜜蝋

This is another one of my experiments with beeswax, watercolor, and craypas (Japanese oil pastels).[…]

Live#5 Let’s discuss #ShiinaRingo or #WednesdayCampanella (Part 1)

Hi guys! We will be discussing Shiina Ringo and Wednesday Campanella in this LIVE session.

Bad Guy Japanese Sing-along Lyrics / Billie Eilishを日本語で歌って、踊って、描いて、解説してみた(2週間で10kg痩せる)

Japanese sing-along lyrics to Billie Eilish’s single, “Bad Guy”. Hope it helps people who are studying Japanese or English! ビリー・アイリッシュさんの「Bad Guy」を日本語で歌えるように翻訳しました![…]

Live #4 Let’s discuss Perfume!!

Let’s discuss songs by Perfume (Yasutaka Nakata) and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Perfumeときゃりーちゃんの曲を英語で解説するよ[…]