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[Thank you for your warm support!]
Today, the 2nd judgment results for the Gatsby Creative Awards were announced.
Commercial: 3rd in Japan/S.Korea Area (2nd for Web Vote)
Photo: 2nd in Japan/S.Korea Area (1st for Web Vote)

Sadly, I did not make it to the Finals (only the top person of each area can go to the Finals). I wish I could have done better, but at the same time, I feel so relieved that the results are finally out! There were days when I could not sleep or concentrate because I was just too focused on this competition.

I can say that I gave it my best effort, and have found that I have more doors to open. I am also very happy that nearly 300 people have seen our works and chose to vote for us.

The challenge will not end here!! Thank you again for your kind support!





本日、Gatsby Creative Awardsの2次審査の総合得点が発表されました。
CM: 日韓エリア3位(Web投票は日韓エリア2位)
Photo: 日韓エリア2位(Web投票は日韓エリア1位)





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